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Taiwanese NMA News Tackles JetBlue Attendant With Succinct And Adorable Cartoon

A couple months ago, we wrote about Taiwanese news organization NMA News and I theorized that they were actively courting traffic from American blogs with western-centric videos. Boy, was I right. Not only did they create a “World Edition” Twitter account and start tweeting at different bloggers (Including yours truly. Hey, guys!) they soon began subtitling their videos in English as well. While I haven’t written a post about everything they’ve done (you can follow their Twitter for that), I had to link to this short little gem featuring everyone’s favorite ex-flight attendant, Steven Slater! Man, these guys are fast.

Check out the Slater video below and, for a lengthier (and more bizarre) video make sure to check this one out. It features an animated Snooki smashing an animated President Obama with an animated booze bottle.

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