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Tapper Challenges Trump’s Campaign Manager Over Gun Control Claims

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.09.28 PMCorey Lewandowski, campaign manager for presidential candidate Donald Trump, stopped by CNN to talk to Jake Tapper about Trump’s denouncement of President Obama‘s executive order on gun control and things got heated very quickly.

Tapper confronted Lewandowski about Trump’s statement that the executive order would mean “you won’t be able to get guns,” asking him how any of Obama’s 10 proposed provisions on firearm sales would “lead to gun confiscation or the wholesale shutting down of gun sales.”

Lewandowski, for his part, repeatedly referred to the President as a “lame duck” and called the idea of background checks on everyone who seeks to purchase a gun “insanity.” He specifically referred to a hypothetical situation in which a father might be barred from the “time-honored tradition” of purchasing a gun for his son because he would have to submit to a background check.

“What he said is he would require those individuals who make a living selling guns to register and get licenses,” Tapper said. “That wouldn’t affect the father-son scenario you just described.”

“What does ‘making a living’ mean?” countered Lewandowski. “Does that mean I sell one gun a year? Does that mean I sell ten guns a year?”

The argument continued apace, though it felt like each man was holding his own argument on a completely separate topic.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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