Tapper Hammers ‘Alt-Reich Twitter’ for Claiming Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Tirade is Him


This afternoon, CNN anchor Jake Tapper didn’t take too kindly to a so-called parody Twitter account claiming Dog the Bounty Hunter’s well-publicized racist tirade was him.

After this tweet was sent out…

…Tapper ripped into what he called “alt-Reich twitter” for spreading this around.

He also took umbrage with this being seen as freedom of speech.

The account that shared the video supposedly of Tapper, OMFG NEWS, labels itself as delivering “up to the minute breaking fake news the mainstream media won’t dare touch.”


It would appear the parody video was an attempt to capitalize on Milo Yiannopoulos losing his CPAC speaking slot (and job and book deal) over an unearthed video of him defending pedophilia.

[image via screengrab]


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