Tapper Hits NY Times for ‘Acting Like a Campaign’


The New York Times is currently in a tiff with the Washington Free Beacon over two stories alleging improper influence in connection with Clinton-related entities. To counter those accusations, it fed responses to the FB’s requests for comment to Politico media reporter Dylan Byers — the second time that’s happened in the past two months.

Last month, after the FB uncovered ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos’ contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative, the network gave its response to Byers. The Times followed suit this weekend, earning a rebuke from CNN’s Jake Tapper, who said the Gray Lady was acting like a political campaign:

The Free Beacon alleged that the Times’ charity took a $100,000 donation from the Clinton Foundation in 2008, the same year it endorsed her presidential campaign; it also suggested that the paper had been fed oppo research from a Democratic organization about GOP candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL), resulting in an article Friday that led to an appropriate amount of mockery.

The Times denied both claims, to Byers, who pointed out that the FB’s reporting is not so far removed from the paper’s own work on the potential foreign influence on the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was at the State Department.

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