Jake Tapper Nails Trump Spox: Are You Trying to Tell Me He Hasn’t Engaged in Personal Attacks?

miller-tapperCNN’s Jake Tapper grilled Donald Trump adviser this afternoon and bewilderedly asked him if he’s really trying to make the argument that the Trump campaign hasn’t engaged in personal attacks.

Miller said that Trump is giving people reasons to vote for him while Hillary Clinton remains in the gutter. Tapper pointed out that it’s not as if their campaign isn’t acquainted with the gutter too.

He asked, “You really think that Donald Trump has not been leveling personal attacks on his rivals?” He pointed out that they literally brought Bill Clinton‘s sexual assault and rape accusers to the last debate.

Miller insisted Trump is merely defending himself and said, “Campaigns are tough.”

Tapper kept going and said it feels like Trump has been “punching down for a long time.”

He even got a little exasperated when Miller attempted to attack the media on the bias issue by pointing to reporters who gave to the Clinton campaign. Tapper responded, “It’s from TV critics, it’s not from political reporters and editors!”

Tapper also grilled him on whether they would accept the results of the election if they lose. Watch the whole segment above, via CNN.

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