Tapper Slams Georgia Candidates for Barring Reporters: ‘Grand Display… of Bipartisan Petulance’

It was reported yesterday that on the eve of the special election in Georgia 6th District, both the Democratic and Republican campaigns had blocked reporters from events. Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign barred a reporter from the Washington Free Beacon while ThinkProgress had one of their journalists blocked from an event for Republican Karen Handel.

CNN’s Jake Tapper addressed this issue on this afternoon’s broadcast of The Lead… and he made a note that politicians looking to hide from tough questions from unfriendly outlets is a bipartisan thing.

After recapping the situation and providing official responses from both campaigns, Tapper unleashed on the two candidates.

“A grand display in Georgia of bipartisan petulance and thin skin,” he said. “where politicians hide from challenging questions.”

Tapper added, “Whoever wins tonight, it will be a politician whose campaign barred a reporter for asking tough questions. And if you can’t take tough questions, maybe Washington isn’t the place for you.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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