‘Tase Me, Motherf*ckers!’ Idaho Man Gets Exactly What He Wants

If there’s a police officer holding a taser when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, chances are you will almost certainly get tased, even if you’re shouting “Don’t tase me, bro!” So at least when Idaho man Michael Brubaker was facing off with cops, his shouting was in the affirmative: “Tase me, motherfuckers!”

Brubaker faced off with cops outside a motel earlier this week. According to the Times-News, he refused to get down on the ground and even adopted a “boxing stance” as if he was going to take a swing at one of them.

After Brubaker shouted that profanity-laced threat, he charged at one of the officers. The officer hit him with a baton, and when Brubaker continued refusing to listen to them, the other officer fired at him with the stun gun.

One of the only times you could probably legitimately say, “Well, he was asking for it.” Literally.

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