Tea Party Website Attacked By “Anonymous” Internet Group (Wink, Nudge)

All through last night, the media section of, an official Tea Party website, was bombarded with new users who filled the photo section with shocking and offensive pictures (Example: a very, very NSFW photoshop of Sarah Palin. I repeat, NSFW). The pictures were so shocking that the site almost began to look like the outlaw imageboard 4chan. Now, I wonder who could have done it. I wonder…

Oh, what’s the point in being coy (besides potentially protecting Mediaite from some unwanted attention)? It was almost definitely 4chan. For those of you that don’t know, 4chan is an anonymous messageboard where people post ribald stories, jokes, and pictures and generally try to out gross each other. They also are highly organized and have used their internet powers for extreme good and also, occasionally, a little bit of evil.

The photos have mostly now been cleaned from the site (save for a couple) however, Reddit and Boing Boing managed to get some screen shots of the site during the attack. Really though, while the pictures were pretty tasteless (and, every once in a while, clever and hilarious as 4chan can be), the Tea Party site kind of got off easy. Just ask Gawker or the MPAA.

And, before anyone gets too mad at 4chan, we should all remember that, strangely enough, the Tea Party struck first.

(Photo via Reddit user LMFAO)

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