Tech Company CEO: We’ll Offer $10 Million to Host a Trump/Sanders Debate

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 4.11.17 PMEver since Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump mentioned debating one another, everyone has been talking about it and acting like it is actually going to happen. The Young Turks offered to contribute $1 million to charity if the two men debate on their network and now, a tech company had stepped up to do its part to make this debate happen.

See, yesterday, Trump said that he would only debate Sanders if the debate could generate $10 million for charity. After hearing that, Richie Hecker, chairman and CEO of Traction and Scale, decided to offer up that $10 million.

Hecker was previously busying himself with convincing Michael Bloomberg to run for president, but now, he’s willing to jump in and help push this election forward in another way. According to Buzzfeed, he says he is hoping both candidates accept and agree to a June 6 debate in California, one day ahead of that state’s primary.

Do you think this debate is going to happen or what?

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