Ted Cruz Calls Drudge Report ‘Attack Site for the Trump Campaign’

cruz-6-1-650x427The conservative civil war is real, people. Former allies are now fiercely against each other and Fox News is practically bursting at the seams.

But today, BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski highlighted an important piece of audio that opens up another front in this great battle: the friction between Ted Cruz‘s campaign and the Drudge Report, arguably one of the single biggest staples of the conservative media diet.

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Matt Drudge has indicated recently that he really likes Trump, and the Drudge Report has taken to running big anti-Cruz banners.

Glenn Beck, a major Cruz backer, tore into Drudge weeks ago and accused him of basically colluding with the Trump campaign, and now Cruz himself is making the same argument.

Cruz told radio host Mike Slater today that while the Drudge Report used to be a great resource, now “the Drudge Report has basically become the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.”

He elaborated:

“Every day they have the latest Trump attack, they’re directed at me. By all appearances, Roger Stone now decides what’s on Drudge. And most days, they have six-month-old article that is some attack on me and it’s whatever the Trump campaign is pushing that day will be the banner headline on Drudge.”

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