Ted Cruz Casually Laughs Off Trump Criticism With Flashdance Music Video

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.02.00 AMTexas Senator Ted Cruz — widely identified as the closest threat to jeopardize Donald Trump’s run for his party’s nomination for President — made a point recently of saying that he likes to “bear hug” Trump when the frontrunner goes off the rails a bit. Many have speculated exactly why Cruz has often refused to call out Trump’s incendiary rhetoric the way that the rest of the still-crowded GOP field has.

Unsurprisingly Trump has now aimed his shots over at the Cruz campaign, telling Fox News Sunday that Cruz “is a bit of a maniac” regarding his work in the Senate. “You never get things done that way.”

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Cruz doubled down on his grin-and-bear-it approach to Trump’s rhetoric, and responded in kind on Sunday afternoon with the following Tweet:

It seems as if Cruz was utterly unfazed by the recent Trump swipes, going as far as to identify the real estate mogul as his “friend”. Where so many other GOP candidates in this race have attempted to sink their teeth deeper into Trump, Cruz’s approach of catching the fly with honey seems to be giving him momentum heading into tomorrow night’s CNN Republican debate.

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