Ted Cruz Keeps Reposting This ‘No Regrets’ Video, So Is He Hinting at a Run in 2020?


Yesterday, a few blogs picked up the ad you’re about to see. It came courtesy of Ted Cruz‘s Twitter and seemed to be a nice PR effort to make it seem like no one was too sad over him, you know, quitting his run for the presidency. I disregarded it because honestly, he’s put out so many ads and, well, it’s all irrelevant now, since he’s no longer running.

Or is he?!

This video very strongly hints at a 2020 run, which sort of means that he will be running for the next four years. Every move he makes will be viewed through the lens of, “Will this affect his chances during the next election?”

His own words:

What we did collectively here, is we sparked a fire and started a movement and that’s powerful and it doesn’t go away with one election. Ronald Reagan in 1976 came up short. I suspect at that convention, there were more than a few tears shed. It’s going to be our task to go forward and continue fighting for that movement.

He reposted the video today, which might imply that he really does plan to keep on keepin’ on toward the goal of the presidency in 2020. Interestingly, that would indicate that he either believes Hillary Clinton will win and he will have the chance to change the party in power or that Donald Trump will win and no one will want to reelect him.

Watch above for some really intense music and a whole lot of hugging. Then get ready, because Heidi Cruz is going to be getting elbowed on your TV again in about four years.

What do you think? Is it a clue? Do we have another round of Cruzin’ to the White House ahead of us yet?

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