Ted Cruz to GOP: Stop Showing ‘Contempt and Condescension’ to Trump Supporters

cruzTed Cruz is basically the only Republican running for president who hasn’t criticized Donald Trump once, and he’s still sticking to it.

In an interview yesterday with Politico, Cruz criticized the “foolish” decision by his Republican rivals to go “out of their way to smack Donald Trump with a stick.”

He took a shot at John McCain calling Trump supporters “crazies” and said, “When you attack and vilify the people at that rally as crazies, it does nothing to help Republicans win in 2016… If Washington politicians show contempt and condescension to those [voters,] that is a path to losing at the ballot box.”

Cruz continued to insist that he abhors “Republican-on-Republican violence,” despite the fact that he engaged in such an act in going after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and calling him a liar (which Cruz insisted was just about policy differences, but others have begged to differ).

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