Teenage Boys Get Themselves Trapped in Underground Caves Searching for Pokemon

pokemon goA group of teenagers in South West England had to be rescued after trapping themselves in an underground cave complex 100 feet below ground while searching for Pokemon.

The BBC reports that four boys, aged 16 and 17, got lost in a network of caves known as the Box mines.

The caves cover an area of about 72 sq miles (186 sq km) and were “very intricate with lots of windings and different junctions”, Damien Bence, from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue said.

One of them “miraculously” found a phone signal and summoned rescue.

“They were looking for these Pokemon creatures and surprisingly they didn’t find any, but it’s obviously leading people into dangerous situations, such as this, and things are likely to escalate if people are going to follow the rules of this game,” said Bence.

Pokemon Go only just launched in the United Kingdom on Thursday.

[h/t BBC]

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