Teens Are Dumb: Copycat Kids Tweet Terror Threats at Southwest Airlines

Let’s hope this isn’t becoming the newest hot teen trend like smoking Smarties or drinking gel pens. One day after a Dutch teenager became an internet villain for tweeting faux-threats at American Airlines, another pair of tweeters followed suit, this time sending threats to Southwest Airlines.

Earlier this morning, Twitter user @twerkcunt (mom must be so proud) warned Southwest that they are an Iraqi and there will be an explosion soon. The airline replied much in the same fashion as American did on Sunday:

Shortly thereafter, Southwest addressed another tweeter with similar threats:

“Twerkcunt” had a freakout when she realized that the Dutch girl did, indeed, get arrested.

But as the American Airlines tweeter learned, that likely won’t stop authorities from coming to check out the situation anyway.

The other tweeter, meanwhile, had this as a defense:

[Image via Reuters]

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