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Tennessee House Wants to Make Bible the Official State Book, But…

The Tennessee state house passed legislation that would make the Bible the official state book. State representative Jerry Sexton proposed the measure, which ended up sailing through 55-38.

According to The Tennessean, there was a bit of an issue over which Bible to go with. One Republican wanted to use Andrew Jackson‘s Bible to avoid potential issues of constitutionality, but two other Republicans wanted to know why not Elvis Presley‘s Bible or Davy Crockett‘s Bible.

The Jackson Bible proposal failed, though, so they ended up voting for the Holy Bible as the state book instead.

There has been some Republican resistance to the legislation. For one, here’s what the GOP state senate’s majority leader said:

“All I know is that I hear Satan snickering. He loves this kind of mischief. You just dumb the good book down far enough to make it whatever it takes to make it a state symbol, and you’re own your way to where he wants you.”

And in addition to him, Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery — both Republicans — have made it clear they oppose the measure. Slatery said it’s unconstitutional and violates separation of church and state, while a spokesman for Haslam said, “The governor doesn’t think it’s very respectful of what the Bible is.”

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