Terror Group Khorasan Allegedly Created a Bomb Out of Toothpaste and Clothing

This morning, the Obama administration explained that last night’s surprise air strikes in Syria were to eliminate the Khorasan group, a small terror cell of 50 “seasoned” al-Qaeda operatives originating from Pakistan, who were on the verge of launching attacks against the West. Details have emerged about the nature of the threat, including, but not limited to, their very creative ability to construct bombs that could blow up airplanes.

Though they had not yet determined specific targets, the attacks were “imminent” enough to justify an immediate airstrike against the Khorasan group, a senior official told CNN. Specifically, the group had “obtained materials” needed to create bombs out of handheld electronic devices, toiletries, and other items one could potentially bring on a plane:

The intelligence community discovered Khorasan plots against the United States within the past week, an intelligence source with knowledge of the matter told CNN. The intelligence source did not give an intended target but said the plots involved a bomb made of a nonmetallic detonator, toothpaste and clothes dipped in explosive material.

The Khorasan strikes were folded into already-publicized airstrikes against ISIS, and targeted “training camps, an explosives and munitions production facility, a communication building and command and control facilities,” the military said in a statement.

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