Texas Man Pleads Guilty, Admits He Wanted to Join ISIS

A 23-year-old Texan pled guilty today, confessing he was attempting to join up with ISIS. Michael Wolfe, according to federal prosecutors [PDF], admitted “he planned to travel to the Middle East to provide his services” to the militant group “and to engage in violent jihad in Syria.”

Iraq has been thrown into a state of chaos in the past few weeks after ISIS made its way through several major cities, taking them over and looting them. And Wolfe looked at all this and decided he wanted to join up.

What’s most remarkable about this is the level of dedication Wolfe apparently put into this. Here’s what federal prosecutors say Wolfe confessed to doing in court.

Wolfe acknowledged that he applied for and acquired a United States passport, participated in physical fitness training, practiced military maneuvers and made efforts to conceal his communications about his plans to travel overseas to engage in violent jihad. Wolfe also purchased airline tickets so that he could travel to Europe to meet an FBI undercover employee, whom the defendant then believed would facilitate travel to Syria through Turkey.

Wolfe is facing up to 15 years in prison.

[h/t NBC News]
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