Texas University Student Drives Barbie Jeep After DWI Arrest, Wins the Internet

Following her DWI arrest for refusing to take a breathalyzer test at a concert, Texas State University student Tara Monroe became a viral Internet sensation when she decided to drive a pink Barbie Jeep to school.

As Gawker writer Sam Biddle describes Monroe, she is “the antihero we deserve.” That’s probably a bit of a stretch, but since I am a native Texan, I can’t bring myself to totally disagree. Especially since, following the arrest and her father’s removal of any automotive means of transportation, Monroe took matters into her own hands and found a way to get around.

“Most people don’t find the things me and my friends do very funny, just immature, so I didn’t expect to get this big of a reaction,” the industrial engineering student told the San Antonio Express-News. “People who don’t know me are shocked but my friends weren’t even surprised because I do stuff like this all the time.”

What Monroe did was find the pink Barbie Jeep for sale on Craigslist for $60, buy it from a little girl named Charlene, and use it in and around campus. The act quickly caught the attention of the university and the town of San Marcos, and social media eventually exploded with photos and videos of Monroe’s daily commute.

[h/t Gawker, San Antonio Express-News]
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