Thanks For Watching! Scarborough Taunts Donald Trump After Trump Slams Morning Joe Ratings


scarborough trumpIf Donald Trump‘s Twitter feed from Friday morning is any indication, the day he makes up with MSNBC’s Morning Joe is still a ways away.

Between the more whimsical, silly parts of Friday’s show, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski led the day’s panel of regulars through a discussion of the most notable points of Hillary Clinton‘s nomination acceptance speech at the DNC. Their reaction touched on the highs and lows of the night, though apparently it didn’t sit well with The Donald.

The tweet suggests that Trump still finds Fox New’s coverage of him is fair in all the ways that MSNBC and CNN are not. The continued hostility toward Morning Joe is of some note considering how the program went from being one of the most hospitable cable news shows to Trump, to one that he now despises a great deal.

Even so, Scarborough has brushed off Trump’s jabs at him before, and he did so again with this snarky tweet.

Indeed, between Trump’s comment and other indications in the past, it is likely that Trump does watch CNN and MSNBC even when he says he doesn’t.

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