That United Airlines Video Was So Bad Even China is Peeved: ‘America is Disappointing’


By now, you’ve seen the video of a paying customer being dragged from a United Airlines flight. So, too, have the Chinese, who are not happy with how the airline treated the Asian-American man.

Andrew Peng, an international reporter with China Central Television, explained to us that the topic is every bit as viral and buzzy in China as it is in America, where the footage is being looped on cable television, Twitter users are trending it nonstop, and stock in the company is way down.

‘The hashtag ‘UA forcibly removing passengers” on Weibo got 340 million readers and over 180 thousand discussions,” Peng explained after checking in on Chinese social media. “Joe Wong, a Chinese American comedian, says many Chinese don’t speak out while [being discriminated against] for saving face, so many in Western media and the public don’t take seriously discrimination against Asian Americans. This post became a hit on Weibo. Netizens commented on this matter, ‘This is a doctor saving others’ lives. Shame on UA.'”

Peng noted other posts on Weibo that said things like “it’s a massive joke that America is the best country with human rights!!!” and “He might not have been chosen because he’s Chinese, but the way he was treated was because he’s Chinese.”

Ultimately, one user summed it up like this: “America is disappointing.”

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