‘That Was a Tough Day’: CNN’s Bakari Sellers Breaks Down Recalling Obama’s Charleston Eulogy

bakari-sellers-cryingeditedDuring a panel discussion last night on CNN, political commentator Bakari Sellers got pretty emotional while attempting to talk about last year’s eulogy delivered by President Barack Obama in Charleston following the mass shooting at a black church.

While driving a conversation over Obama’s legacy when it comes to race, host Don Lemon played a clip of POTUS singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at the funeral.

Lemon asked Sellers if he thought this was a “turning point on how [Obama] handled race.” The liberal pundit responded by saying he thought it was “an exceptional moment” and that many forget we are “just 48 years away from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.”

Trying to finish his thought about the impact of the moment, Sellers paused and then began openly crying.

After attempting to compose himself, Lemon asked the former South Carolina state rep if he was alright. Struggling through tears, Sellers explained that “it was a tough day for us all.”

The murder trail for Dylann Roof, accused of killing nine people in that shooting, is currently underway.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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