The #BabiesforBernie Campaign Has Some Serious Talking Points


There is no doubt that this week was the fiercest in competition between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, and I’m not talking about on the debate stage Tuesday night. Instead, Clinton barely loses out in the esteemed category of “Awesome Fan Devotion To A Candidate”.

70-year-old Maria Anita Monsivaiz deserves a standing ovation for having the Democratic frontrunner shaved into the back of her head and appearing at a #LatinosforHillary rally in San Antonio, TX. It was enough to score a photo with Clinton, an Instagram post gone viral, and a slow clap from a Mediaite columnist. What more could you really want, Maria?

But the real winners of the “Awesome Fan Devotion To A Candidate” poll (unapproved from Gallup and Quinnipiac) are the pioneers of the #BabiesforBernie photos, which is as damn adorable as it sounds. The trend began with Ashira Siegel who undoubtedly is the George Washington Carter of Instagrammed babies dressed like a 74-year-old Socialist. Siegel tried to make the argument that there is some political draw to what she’s doing, saying “Our kids are the future, and Bernie becoming president is going to affect them the most,” but mostly all I heard was, “I dressed a baby like a 74-year-old Socialist and created the greatest thing ever”.


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Take a look through some of the best submissions to the #BabiesforBernie gallery, and be sure to check back with Mediaite as we continue to keep you updated with this important breaking story.

Here are the top talking points that are reportedly being leaked from the #BabiesforBernie campaign trail:

“Peek-a-boo should be a right for all, not just the babies at the top 1%.”

“Rising levels in bottle and nap time inequality plague this nation.”

“As a result of the grotesque policies of Citizens United, too many babies everywhere don’t get enough belly time.”

“Many people in my home state of Vermont are responsible binkie-owners.”

#BabiesforBernie: We’ve had enough of your damn baby shoes.

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