The Baltimore Ravens Probably Deeply Regret This Tweet About Janay Palmer

The Baltimore Ravens tweeted the following on May 23:

It caused a bit of a stir at the time, but the tweet is receiving renewed scrutiny Monday morning after the video was released showing Ravens running back Ray Rice punching then-fiancée Janay Palmer in an Atlantic casino elevator and knocking her unconscious.

Rice’s initial charge of assault was upgraded after police received the video, but until Monday only the portion in which Rice can be seen dragging Palmer’s body out of the elevator had been seen by the public. It’s unclear whether the Ravens or anyone in the NFL had viewed the video before today. (UPDATE: The NFL said Monday it hadn’t seen the video until today; Deadspin thinks that’s pretty fishy.)

Rice only received a two-game suspension for the incident, something NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said was a mistake and which has led to changes in the league’s domestic abuse policies.

Update — 4:30 p.m. ET: The Baltimore Ravens account has deleted the original tweet after terminating Rice’s contract. You can see a screenshot of it below:

The video can be seen below, via TMZ:

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