The BBC Reports That Apple Now Has More Cash On Hand Than U.S. Federal Government

Unfortunately, the country is now so broke that I believe they’re now only serving ramen in the House cafeterias (they’re calling it Freedom Ramen to keep up appearances). You know who’s not having that problem at all? Apple. A new report from the BBC declares that Apple now has more cash on hand than the United States.

Too bad America’s never invented any amazing new operating systems that make scrolling work backwards (yeah, I haven’t really figured out OS X Lion yet).

From BBC News:

Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that the country has an operating cash balance of $73.7bn (£45.3bn).

Apple’s most recent financial results put its reserves at $76.4bn (£46.9bn).

Perhaps this is just a further sign that we’re heading towards a future where companies are the new countries, where people don’t declare allegiance to any flag but to a brand name, and where borders hold less importance than quarterly reports. Or it’s just further proof that the iPhone is the bomb diggety.

Seriously, though, America should look to Apple and see what they’re doing that we can emulate.

Let’s think…

Apple is run by a man who constantly seems to be on the verge of death and who introduced us to a shiny product which quickly became ubiquitous, looks unlikely to ever go away, and hasn’t been updated in like forever.

Hmmm…I guess we should have voted McCain/Palin after all.

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