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The Biggest Jon Stewart Smackdowns Of CNN, Fox & MSNBC

Jon Stewart and his writing staff have long been ahead of the pack in providing some of the most acerbic and critical analysis of cable news — regularly taking down the networks’ journalistic faux pas, cheesy moments, gaffes, and miscues.

From CNN’s goofy election night gimmickry to MSNBC and Fox News’ self-parodic coverage of similar issues, Stewart often tries to be equal-opportunity in dishing out the mockery. Much like his fellow Comedy Central show South Park, at some point, everyone feels the burn of a Jon Stewart segment. The Daily Show‘s no-holds barred satire offers something for everyone, critiques of Stewart’s personal politics and reliance on anti-Fox humor aside.

Here are Stewart’s biggest media smackdowns of the year thus far:

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With contributions from Mediaite intern Jack Friedman

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