The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren: People of Color ‘Get a Free Pass’ in the ‘Melanin Showdown’

The Blaze‘s Tomi Lahren blasted her critics in a video posted Thursday in which she accused people of color of being able to “say whatever the hell they want and get a free pass” in any discussion of race.

“Here it goes again. I caught a race bait and I’m black Twitter public enemy #1,” she said. “Oh, bring it on. You’re proving my point with every misspelled tweet and every stupid emoji you post on my Instagram.”

Lahren was responding to criticisms she had received for speaking out against Jesse Williams and accusing him of “race-baiting,” after he used a BET Award acceptance speech to discuss racial profiling, inequality, and cultural appropriation.

She said that Williams “stands up at the BET Awards and bashes white people for being white — and yet I’m the racist? OK, sure. So if he’s half-white, is he then half-racist? Ponder that.”

“Please tell me in what way black Americans are not equal,” she insisted. “I’m waiting.” Black people, she said, did not “need special treatment or gold stars for your existence.”

People speaking about race, like Williams, were pitting Americans against each other in “some kind of a dominance battle, a melanin showdown,” she said.

Lahren courted controversy earlier this year when she said that Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl halftime performance show was unfair to “little white girls.”

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