The Celebs Who Said They’d Flee Trump’s America: Where Are They Now?

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 1.52.07 PMPlenty of people — average Joes and Tinseltown royalty alike — threatened to leave country if Donald Trump was elected President. With a week until his inauguration, let’s check in on a few of them and see how that’s going. (Spoiler alert: Few ever actually go through with it. Remember when Rush Limbaugh insisted he was heading out if the Affordable Care Act went through?)

Lena Dunham threatened to leave. She’s been posing for the cover of American magazines and advocating for disaffected patriots to organize. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, too, has made the threat only to call for post-election unity in a reference to “our” country, indicating he presumably plans to stay here.

Whoopi Goldberg, too, reneged on her threat, though she did it months before the election. In April, she used her position on The View to address Trump directly and tell him she’s not going anywhere.

Though the Canadian immigration website crashed on election night as Americans frantically searched for alternatives to Trump’s America, many believe that those who have the money and resources to leave will be find under his presidency and should stay and dedicate themselves to helping those with fewer privileges.

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