The Donald Trump Tax Overhaul is Not Going Well

So apparently tax reform is hitting the brakes too.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that Donald Trump and his administration have “scrapped” the original tax plan the candidate ran on (whatever that was) and was going back to the drawing board to create a more bipartisan bill.

That effort, however, is, reportedly, not going well. Sources told the AP that the parties were considering a number of unorthodox proposals to make the deal more attractive to Democrats, but that it was still unlikely any plan would be ready any time soon.

Per the AP:

Administration officials say it’s now unlikely that a tax overhaul will meet the August deadline set by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. But the ambitious pace to figure out a plan reflects Trump’s haste to move quickly past a bruising failure to broker a compromise within his own party on how to replace the health insurance law enacted under President Barack Obama.

Despite a bright spot yesterday with the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the president’s agenda has mostly stalled since his inauguration. Tax reform complications could now be well on their way to joining health care and a slew of blocked executive orders that have all crashed and burned in the president’s first 100 days.

Learn more above from Rachel Maddow as she tried to contain her own glee at the news.

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