The Five: ‘How Could You Sleep At Night’ Working At ‘Joke, Unreliable, Left-Wing, Gossip Site’ Gawker?

Today, a flight attendant filed lawsuit against Gawker Media for a post (later retracted) that guessed that she may be the mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger that fathered his illegitimate child. This afternoon on Fox News (a network that’s never had the best relationship with Gawker), the panelists of The Five had quite a bit to say about the website.

Seemingly incensed that Andrea Tantaros had labeled the site as “left-wing,” Bob Beckel was the most vocal in his attacks. After Greg Gutfeld claimed that everyone he knew who worked there was “miserable,” Beckel said he wasn’t surprised, asking how they could “sleep at night.”

He wasn’t just defending his network, but his co-host as well. Beckel pointed out that the website had once posted information about Kimberly Guilfoyle’s residence. For her part, Guilfoyle wasn’t thrilled he even brought it up, prompting Beckel to quickly add that she had since moved.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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