The GOP’s Attack On Women Is Going Nowhere. Nowhere.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the “No Funding For Abortion Act” (also known as H.R. 3) which you may recall tried to redefine “forcible rape.” That was dead in the water (mostly because statutory rape and incest would not necessarily fall under those categories), so that language was taken out. (And then, it wasn’t.) Instead of trying to limit the kinds of victims of rape, they are now also aiming to limit who can provide the coverage, namely Medicaid. So, no public funding of abortion. For victims of statutory rape. Oh, and also, private health insurers who cover abortions may cause the companies who use them for their employees to lose their tax credits. (By the way, 87 percent of private health insurers cover abortions.)

And now, this new version of the bill has passed the House. And that is where it will die.

First of all, it’s nice to know the GOP has their priorities in order. The birther movement is still “a valid question” for some high-profile Republicans, despite President Obama releasing his birth certificate. They still condemn marriage equality while cheating on their second wife with their third. And now, they are still going after women’s reproductive health. Still. So, Obama finds and kills the most wanted terrorist in the world, the guy who masterminded 9/11, which gave the GOP fuel for their 2004 Campaign of Fear. (Well, that and the gays. Those scary, scary gays.) And now, they’re like, “Meh. Whatever. We’d rather stick to the abortion thing.” Not jobs, not gas prices, and apparently, not even terrorism. Just fringe conspiracies and the private health decisions of women they will never, ever know.

Which is so ironic, considering how much they go on about “Big Goverment,” the “Nanny State,” “government staying out of our business.” Um, how about staying out of everyone’s crotch, please?

They say this movement is about saving children, but they’d rather dismantle the schools those children will be attending. And what about jobs for their parents? And healthcare for their parents? Are these children getting healthcare? Oh, they’re still trying to repeal that? Okay then … I’m sorry, what have you done for us lately, GOP? Anything worthwhile? No?

But right now, losing funding for abortion in extreme circumstances should not be an issue. Because it will never make it past the Senate. And even if it did and even if it passed (which it wouldn’t), Obama has vowed to veto it. It is not going to happen. Our right to choose is not going anywhere. It is being attacked, but it is the law of the land. People are trying to forget that, and states are trying to dismantle it and limit it. But it is not going away.

This is also further proof of what the GOP wants: the soapbox. They want attention. So they pander, and they get their money, and they offer nothing in return. They don’t care about the children. They care about money and power, and nobody having sex anywhere ever unless a baby is the result. Maybe the Democratic party isn’t offering us much, but maybe that’s because they have to deal with these other brats and their whining first. If this is indicative of what 2012 is going to look like, I have more reason to believe that the guy who passed healthcare and killed Osama Bin Laden is going to do better than the people who just want to complain about it all.

The GOP, right now, are the Dursleys from Harry Potter. Bloated, greedy, scared of losing their influence, completely oblivious to the true problems of the world. That is not to say that President Obama is Harry Potter. No. Not at all. But he did just kill our equivalent of Voldemort.

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