The LAPD is After Someone Who Keeps Dining and Dashing on His Dinner Dates

If you see this guy on Bumble, swipe left immediately because he’s pretty much the worst. According to a report from CBS LA, there’s a serial dine-and-dasher on the loose in Los Angeles.

A woman who wanted her identity protected told CBS that she met Paul Gonzales online and they set a date for dinner. When they got to the restaurant, he ordered wine, salad, shrimp, steak, and a baked potato pretty much immediately. He ate the food, got up quickly saying he needed to take a call, and the woman never saw him again. She texted, but of course, he didn’t answer. She was left with the bill.

The woman went online and discovered that he’s been reported on before, and that he’s done the same thing to two other women. Additionally, one hair salon has video footage of him walking out with his smock still on after getting his hair cut and colored.

Watch the video above, via CBS.

[featured image via Mut Hardman/Shutterstock, Inc.]

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