The Libertarian Candidate Lost the Pennsylvania Election, But Totally Won Twitter: ‘#SaveTheBestForLast’


Believe it or not, there were three candidates running in special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district.

While Democratic candidate Conor Lamb and Republican candidate Rick Saccone are separated by only hundreds of votes in a razor-sharp election, libertarian candidate Drew Miller came in at a distant third.

Miller may not have raised as much money as Lamb or received the support of the president at a rally like Saccone, but he certainly had the best Twitter feed as the ballots were being counted.

He began by invoking David and Goliath and sharing a beer-inspired graphic to urge his roughly 800 followers to get out and vote.

Miller expressed a “glass half-full” attitude when he learned he appeared at the bottom of the ballot in Allegheny County.

He then tweeted that he was going to send the winner of the election a 6-pack of Miller High Life and that he’ll “probably send one to the loser too.”

Miller later called out CNN and specifically Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper for a lack of acknowledgement of his candidacy.

He acknowledged how close the race was and how the number of votes he earned was more than the difference between Lamb and Saccone. And he took note of the fact that he .

And early Wednesday morning, before an actual winner was declared, Miller “formally” conceded from the race because there was “no mathematical way” for him to win.

Well, he may have lost the election, but he certainly won on Twitter.

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