The Man Who Filmed Garner Chokehold Was Indicted Back in August

Many New Yorkers are outraged today about the grand jury not indicting the police officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold, which ended up killing him. But it should be noted that back in August, there actually was an indictment related to this case, of the man who recorded video of the fatal chokehold.

Ramsey Orta filmed the August encounter, and weeks later he was arrested on gun charges. The NYPD said officers witnessed Orta stick a handgun in the waistband of a friend as they were walking to a “known drug prone location.” Orta and his family, including his wife Chrissie Ortiz, believed he was being followed and set up by the NYPD as retaliation for filming the chokehold. (Days after his arrest, Ortiz was arrested too for assault.)

Ortiz pled not guilty and testified before a grand jury in August. And that grand jury actually indicted Ortiz on the weapon charges. The individual Ortiz allegedly gave the gun to was not indicted on similar charges, but for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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