The Man Who Shot and Killed a Texter in Movie Theater Was Also Texting

In the past few months, we’ve learned a lot of things about Curtis Reeves, the Florida ex-cop who allegedly murdered a man for texting in a movie theater. We’ve learned he’s violent; we’ve learned he’s a Floridian. But we learned today that, minutes before he shot and killed Chad Oulson for texting during a screening of Lone Survivor, he was also texting someone.

According to police records, Reeves sent a text to his son Matthew “moments” before the shooting, letting him know where he was seated. As Matthew walked in during the previews, however, he heard a commotion near the top row, just as Reeves shot Oulson for texting.

Reeves, who claims that Oulson threw a phone at him, is currently charged with second-degree murder and aggravated assault. If convicted, Reeves faces a minimum of 25 years in prison, but he’s currently pleading not guilty to any of those charges. Which is weird, because everyone in the theater — his wife included — has confirmed that Oulson never attacked Reeves at all.

In any case, this story just goes to show you that we all need to follow the Golden Rule: “Do Not Shoot Unto Others For Texting, As Other Do Not Shoot Unto You For Also Texting.” (It’s a first draft.)

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