The Minions are Big Fans of ISIS on YouTube, Apparently


I’m sorry, but the only proper response to what you’re about to read and see is a big ol’ “WTF!” The kind of loudly-cussed rhetorical question that you’d scream in the middle of a crowded room, without shame, because your reaction’s catalyst was truly, mind-numbingly bizarre.

Somebody created a Minions of ISLAMIC STATE YouTube account, thereby co-opting promotional images and ideas from the Minions film in support of ISIS, or ISIL. The account itself was created in December 2013, but the two Minions-themed videos were uploaded five months ago. There’s nothing really fancy about them. Just still promotional images, but edited to include pro-ISIS Arabic text, minion-like voice overs, and — I sh*t you not — a sign that reads, “I ♥ ISLAMIC STATE.”

Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg did some digging, which resulted in some quick translations and circumstantial confirmation of the YouTube account’s intent:

According to friend of Gawker Kholoud Youssef, the Arabic found in the first video translates to: “The Islamic State is nice but naughty.” While the second reads: “Record my martyrdom.”

And in case you were still questioning these motives of these particularly militant minions, the YouTube account also commented on a video of fundamentalist Islamic leader Hazem Abu Ismail with (what is translated as): “Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest) May Allah free you O Sheikh, and keep you away from the route of blasphemous democracy; May no harm happen to you O dear one.”

Here are the videos in question:

If you’re curious, this is what the Mediaite office is currently doing, except with more tears:

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