The New Film From Pro-Gingrich Super PAC: Mitt Romney Is ‘The Man That Destroyed Us’

Following Newt Gingrich‘s numerous attempts at calling out Mitt Romney and the “millionaire friends” who have supposedly funded super PAC attack ads against the former Speaker, the pro-Gingrich super PAC “Winning Our Future” has put out a counter-strike.

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In a trailer for its new film, titled When Mitt Romney Came To Town, the super PAC looks at Bain Capital, the asset management and financial services company Romney co-founded, and warns about those who would exploit capitalism for their own nefarious gain.

“Capitalism made America great – free markets, innovation, hard work – the building blocks of the American Dream. But in the wrong hands,” the trailer warns, “some of those dreams can turn into nightmares.”

Various people are quoted questioning or negating the idea that Romney and his cohorts are supportive of small businesses, including one woman whose friend jokes that she’s “on a hit list” now.

“This film,” the narrator promises, “will highlight just four of Romney’s many targets. Four businesses, and the thousands of employees who worked there.”

A woman featured in the trailer remembers how it hurt to leave her home “all because of one man that’s got 15 homes.”

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Have a look at the trailer for yourself:

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