The Newest Der Spiegel Cover Takes Aim at Trumps Ties to Putin

Donald Trump has been batting away suggestions that he’s in cahoots with Vladimir Putin since he was campaigning for the presidency. Remember “no puppet,” one of the greatest lines of the debates? His insistence that he and Putin are not palling around has gotten feebler and feebler as members of his administration are outed, one by one by one, as having had communications with the Kremlin that they weren’t totally honest about.

This is serious stuff, sure, but there’s still room for humor. Think of Saturday Night Live and their Trump and Putin romance. The latest cover of always-political German publication Der Spiegel combines the funny with the serious:

There is Trump’s signature hair on top of Putin’s, well, signature face.

This is far from the first time Der Spiegel has gone after Trump in a less-than-subtle way. He’s been a speeding meteor on the way to Earth, a cause of flag combustion, and the decapitator of democracy. Now, he’s just Putin himself.

[image via screengrab]


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