The Olive Branch in Mark Levin and Michael Savage’s Bitter Feud…?

It’s no secret that conservative talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Michael Savage really, really, really, really hate each other. But in spite of their bitter feud, they both have a soft spot belief that unites them: Animals deserve to be treated humanely.

On his radio show last week, Levin took some time (rougly two minutes) to extend the olive branch. “There’s a host on some of these stations on this network that I really don’t like, and he really doesn’t like me,” the host unsubtly referenced Savage. “But he’s an animal lover. And in this I agree with him.”

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“The abuse of animals in these tiny cages, the abuse of animals I cannot stomach,” Levin went on, clarifying that he is not opposed to hunting because “thinning the herd” of deer is a humane way to deal with the animal population.

As Levin went on to describe the sort of abuse he really despises — Greyhound racing abuse or, again, the use of “tiny cage” — listeners got to hear him on the verge of tears. It was really quite a moment.

“I really can’t stand it, it just bothers me,” he said before concluding: “That’s at least one area he and I are in agreement.”

Listen below:

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