The Onion Takes on BuzzFeed and Upworthy with

In 2013, The Onion said goodbye to the world of print. In 2014, it will embrace the future of news with During its presentation at Wednesday’s NewFronts in New York City, The Onion announced the creation of a new website that plans to do to “viral” sites like BuzzFeed and Upworthy what they originally did to the daily newspaper.

According to a report from New York Business Journal, Onion News Network host “Jim Haggerty” presented the new site by saying “People will climb into this click hole and find content so interesting they won’t be able to keep it to themselves. Every post is engineered to be as shareable as possible, so it spreads like a deadly wildfire on social media.”

The site, which is set to launch in June, will include features such as “Which pizza should I have for dinner tonight? (presented by Pizza Hut),” “Seven pricks that defied the odds and didn’t go into finance,” and “What this adorable little girl says will melt your heart.” Another previewed item, a photo slideshow with no words titled “Six kinds of hay,” has precedent in meta gems like last year’s “40 Numbers Under 40” and “51 Blank Slides.”

So far, the website only features a brief coming soon message along with this comprehensive guide to clicking, complete with a practice button.

Get your fingers ready, people!

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