The Ten Most Underreported Stories about Hillary Clinton


hillary-clintonYesterday, I examined the ten most underreported stories about Donald Trump during this campaign, which I believe would have done great damage to his candidacy if they had been given appropriate attention by the all-too-easily-distracted news media. Today, I have complied a similar list of topics, in no particular order, to which the news media has given short shrift regarding Hillary Clinton.

1) Benghazi. Before Donald Trump was a serious threat to make this election all about him, it was assumed/hoped by most conservatives that at least a significant portion of the dialogue would be about how Hillary handled the loss of four Americans under her watch at Benghazi. And yet, despite a major motion picture having focused attention on the heart-breaking story, almost nothing has been made of it during this election. I guess, as Hillary infamously said in one of her testimonies about the episode, “what difference, at this point, does it make?!”

2) Bill’s Presidency. You would think that if someone’s spouse had been President of the United States for eight years that their record might come up if that person ran in a general election for the very same job. However, you would think wrong. At least based on the fact that about the only thing we ever hear about Bill’s presidency these days is that the economy was good. Nothing about why he was impeached (no, not the sex, it was the perjury and obstruction of justice), his outrageous last-second pardons (specifically of Marc Rich), his unwillingness to kill Osama bin Laden, or how the Republican Congress was responsible for much that got done.

3) Bill’s Role in a Hillary Presidency. Even more amazing than there being no real examination of the first Clinton presidency is the stunning reality that there has been absolutely no serious discussion of what Bill’s role will be in Hillary’s administration. Does anyone really believe that he will be able to resist being a significant part of major policy decisions? And yet the media has been completely uninterested in this topic. I honestly think that the signs that Bill is starting to lose it mentally have allowed Hillary to get a pass here. It seems everyone assumes that he will soon be relegated to a rocking chair so he can harmlessly misremember war stories to lesser White House officials (hopefully no interns!), or something.

4) Hillary’s Lack of Accomplishments. It is tough to do stories on nothing, but when someone wants to be President of the United States surely they should be able to produce some sort of major accomplishment by the age of seventy, right? And if they can’t, the media should probably inform most voters of this problem. However, in Hillary’s case, neither circumstance has happened. The irony that about the only thing Hillary can come up with is that she was in the room when Osama bin Laden was killed, when her husband passing on doing the job before 9/11 is the only reason that needed to happen, is remarkably rich. From a resume perspective, it is also pathetic. At least Trump created a hit reality television show.

5) The “Colin Kaepernick” Issue. One of the biggest breaks that Hillary got during the debates was that somehow the “Colin Kaepernick” question (about protests over alleged police racism during the national anthem at sporting events) never got asked. I have written before about how dangerous this topic would for Hillary, especially in a large/live event because she would be virtually forced to threaten her standing with at least one key demographic group. If she backed Kaepernick, she would turn off swing suburban white voters who loathe Trump, but if she didn’t do so her support among blacks would likely soften and open an opportunity for Trump. Fortunately for her, while there was one “police” question at the first debate, to my knowledge she has never even been directly asked about Kaepernick in any forum. It is almost as if the news media knows there is no good answer for her and that is why they haven’t asked it.

6) Hillary’s Tax Plan. Most voters probably have no idea, because it has gotten very little press coverage, but Hillary is proposing a massive tax increase on those households making over $250,000. She is also seeking a radical increase in the so-called “death tax,” which supposedly (but doesn’t) only targets the “rich.” Much of this is likely political posturing to appeal to Bernie Sanders voters and would be killed by congress if Republicans maintain a semblance of control there. But shouldn’t there be at least some coverage of the dramatic, mostly negative, impact such a plan would have on our economy and specifically on growth and job stimulation? I guess that would be too much to ask, especially since it might harm Hillary.

7) The State of the Economy. Similarly there has been almost no substantive coverage of the economy in general, which is rather strange considering that Hillary is effectively running for a third term for our current president. You would think that under such circumstances that an evaluation of the economy by the news media would be very much in order, but that hasn’t happened beyond “Obama led us out of the great recession.” That was eight years ago. The stock and real estate markets are currently very good, but Obama has had very little to do with either of those recoveries. On wages, growth, and unemployment, the president’s record is horrible, and yet somehow this has never become an issue for Hillary thanks to the news media’s remarkable lack of interest in the subject.

8) The Status of the Terror Threat. It seems hard to believe that, just a few months ago, the threat of terrorist acts on our soil was at the forefront of the national agenda. Horrific ISIS-led attacks were becoming commonplace in Europe, while ISIS-inspired events were taking many lives here at home. Suddenly, this issue, on which Hillary is weak for multiple reasons, has virtually disappeared. It is not as if the threat has been remotely eradicated, or even really lessoned. And yet, based on the lack of media coverage the topic has gotten during the campaign, you would think we have been transported back in time to the naïve pre 9/11 era.

9) The Massive Difference between Hillary “2008” & “2016.” Maybe the greatest largely untold story about Hillary is just how incredible her political “transformation” has been since the 2008 version of Hillary who lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama. On a whole range of issues, this model of Hillary is vastly to the left of the one we knew previously. And yet, the news media has largely pretend that this just hasn’t really happened. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is running against a candidate who has not only altered his “beliefs” even more radically than she has, but who often does so several times within the same day.

10) Obamacare/Hillarycare Disaster. We now know that Obamacare, the signature Democratic legislative accomplishment of the Obama administration, is a failure. We also know that Hillary has bragged about having been the Godmother, if you will, of the highly controversial law. And yet, somehow, she has not been forced by the news media to answer for this. The media’s disconnect on Obamacare came into hilarious focus earlier this week when the CBS Morning Show seemed completely flummoxed at the news of massive rate hikes, even suggesting that, “Is the way the law was set up failed? It’s a really interesting story.” Apparently not “interesting” enough to actually extensively report on it, even when Bill Clinton called Obamacare the “craziest thing in the world” (other than, you know, this election).

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John Ziegler, who has worked as a pollster, is a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host and documentary filmmaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @ZigManFreud or email him at

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This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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