The Two-Page Blank Ad in Today’s New York Times Gets Mixed Reaction

No, you’re not seeing things. If you picked up Wednesday’s New York Times, you may have noticed nothing on pages A8 and A9. That’s right, both pages were left completely blank on purpose as part of a promotion for an upcoming movie.

The goal of this rather unique ad for the movie The Book Thief (adapted from the book of the same name) is, according to Deadline, designed to get people thinking about “a world without words,” in keeping with the film’s story about a young girl stealing books to read while living in Nazi Germany.

On Twitter, the reaction has been mixed, with some praise for the artistic, minimalist, and pretty unique ad, while the rest has been like this.

Below you can see the second of the two pages, with the URL for the movie website snuck in there at the bottom:

[h/t HuffPost]

[photo via Haxorjoe]

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