The View Knows How Trump Can Pay for the Wall: Cover It With Sponsored Ads for Breitbart!

Even though Donald Trump has insisted Mexico will pay for an American border wall, he still hasn’t said how.

As Trump’s administration hovers around its 100-day mark, no one really knows how the wall will get built or if it will at all. Ted Cruz suggested using El Chapo‘s money for construction, but is that the answer? Seriously, what is the answer?

The ladies of The View weighed in today, providing a suggested solution that is as reasonable as any at this point. They suggested that the wall be covered in advertisements, kind of like a NASCAR jumpsuit. Breitbart had ad space, as did a generic bail bond company and, of course, Trump Steaks.

Sunny Hostin got serious after that, saying that Cruz’s idea wasn’t half bad. Jedediah Bila was impressed not by Cruz, but by the fact that someone close to Trump obviously had gotten through to him about how a failure to erect a Mexico-funded wall would be “yet another embarrassing moment” for him, causing him to back down a little.

“It’s almost like he’s learning that you can’t just say, ‘We’re gonna do this,’ and everyone’s just gonna hand their money over,” she said. “And he’s also learning how government works, that you can’t bundle these bills as we’ve talked about before.”

It certainly seems like he is backing down, but maybe he just hasn’t seen the View‘s mockup of the ad wall yet.

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