The View Rips CPAC for Jeering McCain, Explosive Rhetoric: ‘You’re Talking About Fascist Conversations’


CPAC 2018 is in the books. And suffice it to say that the hosts of The View did not consider it to be a productive gathering.

The panel ripped attendees, participants, and organizers for — among other things — inviting Marion Le Pen (niece of Marine Le Pen) to speak, booing Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), and for some of the explosive rhetoric heard at the conference.

“The CPAC group invited this woman from France, Marine Le Pen — whose [grand]father was a Holocaust denier, and total fascist and a Nazi,” said Joy Behar (incorrectly identifying Marion Le Pen). “And Marine Le Pen, the daughter, thinks her father was very good and right, and everything else, and they invited her. There’s this penchant for Nazis now [among Republicans] with Charlottesville, and the Neos, and ‘there are good guys on both sides,’ and now Marine Le Pen.”

“The booing of my father, another example,” Meghan McCain added. “I cannot defend any of this. But it’s not conservatism.”

Behar circled back to the overall tenor of the dialogue.

“We’re talking about something much worse [than traditional politics] at CPAC,” Behar said. “You’re talking about fascist conversations.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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