comScore The View’s Sara Haines Gives Fiery Explanation Of ‘Fake News’ vs. ‘False News’

The View’s Sara Haines Gives Fiery Explanation Of ‘Fake News’ vs. ‘False News’

Today on The View, the ladies of the panel continued to talk about the leaks coming out of the intelligence community, which Donald Trump has rebuked as recently as this morning. They specifically tackled the Wall Street Journal story from last night titled, “Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump on Leak Concerns,” just like other morning shows did today, too.

Trump’s insistence, as seen in his tweets this morning, that the Russia-related leaks are all “fake news” set off Sara Haines, who made it her mission to educate viewers on what, exactly, fake news really is.

“This scares me because again, let me clarify: Fake news is about the intention to mislead, making up a story to mislead. False news is speaking mistruths,” she said. “From our own president, we’re getting something just this morning that it was made up when there is proof and the intelligence agencies have proven that there was meddling from a foreign power in our election. That is not arguable. Whether it would have changed the election is the debate. But that fact is a fact.”

Beyond that, Jedediah Bila and Sunny Hostin stuck to their respective positions from yesterday that leaks are bad even if the content is good, adding that blaming the leaks for the content is misguided.

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