‘The Wolf of BuzzFeed’ Perfectly Sums Up Everything That’s Wrong with the Internet

From “The Wolf of Albuquerque” to “The Dworf of Westeros,” there have been countless excellent Wolf of Wall Street parody trailers over the last year. But none cuts quite so close to the bone as this latest entry from Half Day Today! Films.

In “The Wolf of BuzzFeed,” Jordan Belfort becomes Jonah Peretti, the young upstart web pioneer who launched a website that “targets the easiest demographic in the world: Facebook users.” As he explains, “With these lists, you can create a stupid GIF, write a nonsensical blob of text and it will get retweeted millions of times without ever using an even number in your title.”

We’re not actually sure who the Jonah Hill character is supposed to represent in this version of reality (Jon Steinberg?) but he does have the best line of the trailer: “I love three things. I love nostalgia, I love cat pictures, and I love getting people hits.”

Watch video below, via Half Day Today:

[photo via screengrab]

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