The Young Turks: UC Berkeley Riots Could Have Been Right-Wing Plot by 4chan


The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur floated the idea Thursday that the violent UC Berkeley rioters were actually right-wingers from 4chan who targeted Berkeley because they hate science.

“Could the right-wing come in masked, could it be 4chan guys who come in to cause trouble so they can then turn around and do exactly what they did today, ‘Oh you have to take away the funding from Berkeley’?” asked the former MSNBC host.

“I mean, they’re teaching science over there, they’re teaching facts. The right-wing hates facts. What a convenient Reichstag fire we just had,” Uygur said.

(The burning down of the Reichstag building was the excuse used by Adolf Hitler to seize dictatorial power early in his reign. Historians differ on whether it was carried out by Nazis to create a pretext or actually carried out by anarchists as claimed at the time.)

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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