There’s a Plush Ebola Toy Online That’s Already Sold Out

Here’s a phrase you probably never thought you’d hear: “Ebola toy.” But yes, there is a company, Giant Microbes, that sells a big stuffed Ebola virus. And this week the company said it’s actually sold out (take a guess why).

Here’s what the stuffed Ebola toy looks like:

The product page describes Ebola as “the T. Rex of microbes” and a “fearsome frontpage disease,” as well as providing a couple of facts about Ebola and how it’s spread.

Giant Microbes makes all kinds of stuffed microbe toys, like amoebas, e. coli, and herpes. Yes. Herpes.

But now the Ebola toys on the Giant Microbes site are out of stock. The company’s president of marketing said in a statement, “We are currently out of stock worldwide. We have continued to sell out a number of times over the last couple of months.”

[image via Giant Microbes]

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