There’s a Weird Substance Covering Everything in this Town and No One Knows What It Is

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In Harrison Township, Michigan, residents are heading down a slippery slope. Actually, everything is pretty slippery because their cars and homes were covered with an oily substance Sunday morning and no one knows how or why.

According to ABC News, one resident named Paul Schlutow took it upon himself to call everywhere from the fire department to the Department of Environmental Quality. He wanted answers because, as he said, “everyone is concerned” with whether or not the substance is harmful.

“It was an ash type of substance with a little bit on an oily consistency to it,” said Harrison Township Fire Department Chief Michael Lopez. He also concluded that it had not been thrown or splashed. Rather, it appeared to have come straight down from the sky.

Schlutow reached out to the Selfridge Air National Guard Base and thinks they are most likely to have something to do with the mystery, though they have not responded to requests for comment by him or ABC.

Has anyone tried to get ahold of Rick Snyder?

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