There’s an ‘Unpresidented’ Card Game With ‘Yuge Consequences’ Now Funding on Kickstarter

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Remember that deck of cards that featured a bunch of conservative icons like Tila Tequila and Milo Yiannopoulos? Well, the game you’re about to read about is sort of like that, except it’s post-election satire rather than campaign season sincerity. Oh, and neither Tequila nor Yiannopoulos have their own cards, but they are probably both busy with their own problems and won’t mind.

Here’s the gist: “Unpresidented” is a game being funded on Kickstarter that is described like this:

Every card is drawn like a political cartoon! So many crazy things have come from this presidency, but this is a first! A card game that highlights the craziness!   … Gamers, arm chair politicians, poker players, and anyone who likes to be entertained can play side by side.

Some of the characters represented in the game are “Kelly Ann Conned Way,” “Ditsy Betsy,” “Spicey,” and “Pence None the Richer.” Each comes with their own caricature, don’t worry.

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While playing in groups of two to eight, players can use “tiny hands” to steel someone else’s money or use a “golden shower” for protection, but in the end, only one gets to remain President. The rest are, as you could guess, “unpresidented.”

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Right now, the game has raised a little over $800 out of its $10,000 goal. Go over to Kickstarter to read more of the gameplay rules and see even more cards.

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